Kurmayor, Italy

by | March 22, 2022

At the foot of the majestic Mont Blanc, surrounded by coniferous forests and emerald meadows, there is a charming resort town of Courmayeur with old streets, cozy shops, gourmet restaurants and lively bars. Courmayeur, known since the 17th century for its amazing nature, today is a popular and comfortable ski resort, connected by a tunnel to the French Chamonix. Here, lovers of mountain recreation are offered excellent opportunities for winter and summer sports, and the rich historical and folklore traditions of Courmayeur create a unique holiday atmosphere.

Courmayeur is a resort with centuries-old traditions, in fact, the first hotels appeared here as early as 1680, and the picturesque landscapes of this place began to attract visitors from the beginning of the 17th century, and since Courmayeur is located near the border of France, French was often heard here, and there is even a local dialect of this language. However, Courmayeur became an internationally recognized ski resort only after 1965, when a new tunnel under Mont Blanc connected it with the French Chamonix. Today, the rich history of the resort is reminiscent of the old cobbled streets with many boutiques, gourmet shops and antique shops.

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The Courmayeur resort is located in the north-west of Italy, in the Aosta Valley, 37 km from the city of Aosta, at an altitude of 1224 m, at the foot of Mont Blanc, next to the tunnel connecting it with the slopes of the French resort of Chamonix, located 22 km from Courmayeur.

there The nearest international airports are Caselle in Turin (150 km) and Malpensa
(212 km) and Linate (235 km) in Milan and Cointrin (106 km) in Geneva.

Slopes, slopes, lifts

The ski area of ​​Courmayeur is more than 100 km of pistes, of which 26% are for beginners, 57% are of medium difficulty and 17% are difficult. The longest route is 6 km.
Elevation difference – 1,547 m (the highest point is 2,755 m, and the lowest point is 1,208 m).
The total number of lifts is 24.
The slopes for flat skiing are 25 km.
Courmayeur combines two ski areas: the pistes on the left slope (northeast) – Checrouit (Checrouit), mostly of medium difficulty and on the right (northwest) – Val Veny (Val Veny) with black pistes. You can climb the slopes from Dolonne or from the alpine village of Entreves.
Experienced skiers will be interested to ride in the off-piste area, which can be reached by lift leading to Mont Blanc from La Palud – the village next to the tunnel. The same way you can get to the famous White Valley, a glacial zone on Mont Blanc, which is located on the side of Chamonix. The main training slope is located at the top of the Maison Viel lift.
The top point of the Cresta d’Arp lift (2775 m) opens up opportunities for serious off-piste skiing. 2 km from Courmayeur, right at the entrance to the Mont Blanc tunnel, lies the Entreve massif, where the ski area is located, which is the meeting point for all skiers. Three sections of the cable car lead to Mont Freti, Pavilion, Rifugio Torino and Colle del Disigante. Above there is a small area for summer skiing with three ski lifts.

Ski schools and kindergartens
There are 2 ski schools in Courmayeur. Kinderheim on Plan Checroix accepts children from 6 months old, the kids club in the sports center also looks after children from six months. The ski school of Mont Blanc and the Ski school of Courmayeur accept children from 4 years old.

Sports and entertainment
Courmayeur offers ample opportunities for sports and varied recreation: there is a skating rink, a wellness center with a large swimming pool, gym, sauna and solarium, tennis courts, a squash court, 4 km from the resort, in the Ferret valley at an altitude of 1560 m there is golf – a 9-hole course, an amusement park operates in Dolonne. Also offered: snowboarding, dog sledding, hang gliding, mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing, rock climbing, football and much more. And a few kilometers from Courmayeur, in the town of Pré-Saint-Didier, there is the famous SPA center, opened back in 1834, with pools filled with thermal water from local sources, there is also a casino built in 1888. In addition, each In the spring, the Carnival of Masks is held in Courmayeur, on St.

Restaurants, bars and shops
The ancient streets of Courmayeur and the picturesque mountain slopes are full of restaurants, cafes and bars. For example, La Boite restaurant serves fish delicacies, the cozy Mont Frety restaurant located in the center of the resort serves fine local cuisine, the Pierre Alexis restaurant serves traditional Italian dishes and freshly baked pizza, the La Padella restaurant serves more than 20 different types of spaghetti, while the Cadran Solar restaurant is popular with visiting Milanese. Ziggi is a popular cafe for young people, snowboarders gather in the Red Lion club, and discos and a lively atmosphere reign in the Posta and Del Guid bars.
Courmayeur shops are famous not only for fashionable clothes and shoes from famous designers, but also for gastronomic delicacies – here you can buy exquisite sparkling wine made from the grapes of the Mont Blanc valleys, magnificent Alpine honey, excellent local fontina cheese, homemade jam made from wild berries, and the famous Saoucesse sausages, which are prepared on the local farms.

Kurmayor, Italy