Sights of Tours, France

by | November 7, 2022

Tours is a city in the French Loire region and has had quite a reputation since the 3rd century. The capital of Touraine is a mecca for lovers of art, culture and history. The Gallo-Roman city proudly bears the title “Ville d’Art et d’Histoire” and has a number of special places of interest. Together with the numerous events that are organized every year, Tours is a vibrant city where modern times and history are combined. In Tours you can discover restored neighborhoods that have kept their medieval character, but you can also enjoy old cathedrals, abbeys and numerous museums.Tours originally had more than 130,000 inhabitants. During the season this number is easily doubled by the many tourists and holidaymakers who appreciate this special city for its charm and cultural and historical content. With sights such as Place Plumereau and Chateau de Tours, the city is more than worth a visit.

Top 10 Things to Do in Tours

#1. Place Plumereau

According to ANYCOUNTYPRIVATESCHOOLS, the Place Plumereau takes you directly back to the French time of then. On this square you are surrounded by impressive mansions in which the craftsmanship from the Romanesque and Renaissance times can be seen. On the Place Plumereau you get to know the local population, who can often be found here. Fun events and guided tours are regularly given on the square. In addition to its houses with old and well-preserved facades, you will also find numerous restaurants, cafes and terraces on the Place Plumereau. The square can be found in the old town of Tours and is more than worth a visit.

#2. Tours Cathedral

Tours Cathedral has been around since the 4th century and has been reduced to ashes several times since then. After the last fire in 1160, the church was thoroughly renovated, with the original Romanesque church built in Gothic style. During a visit to the cathedral you can admire the rich stained glass windows, as well as the tomb of the children of Anne of Brittany and Charles VIII. The high altar is also impressive, as are the vaulted ceilings of the Tours Cathedral. The cathedral is 87 meters high including the tower.

#3. Musée du Compagnonnage

The Musée de Compagnonnage is a special museum. You will find it in the center of Tours in a building that used to be the Abbey of Saint-Julien. Here you can see a large collection of works of art from various craftsmen such as blacksmiths or butchers. The nice thing about this museum is the variety and the beautiful way different professions are displayed. Allow enough time for this as the museum exhibits more than 100 paintings, sculptures and other creative objects. These come not only from the journeymen organization within Tours, but also from all over France.

#4. Jardin Botanique de Tours

If you are a lover of gardens and greenery, you should not miss a visit to the Jardin Botanique de Tours. Here you can take walks through various botanical gardens, each with its own theme. It is therefore not for nothing that both tourists and locals come to this place to relax. You can visit the orangery, but also view various medicinal plants up close. You can also take a guided tour where you will learn everything about the special flora and fauna. The latter group is also well represented in this park.

#5. Chateau de Tours

In the 13th century Chateau de Tours was a prominent castle and defensive fortress under the leadership of Philip August. The castle had quite a reputation, all the more so because it was here that Louis XI’s wedding took place. As more and more room was made for buildings from the Renaissance, the castle of Tours was no longer used and fell into oblivion. The medieval castle has been declared a monument and today houses several modern art and photography exhibitions. In addition, you can regularly participate in interesting workshops.

#6. Saint Martin’s Basilica

In the center of Tours you will find the Basilique Saint Martin. It dates from the 19th century and houses the tomb of Saint Martin, a bishop from the 4th century. Inside the basilica you can visit the cloister from the Renaissance period, but also visit the Saint Martin museum where you can learn a lot about the history of the building. The architecture of the Basilique Saint Martin is impressive and has many details. The windows are certainly worth studying as they reflect the legend surrounding this saint. You can also visit the sarcophagus of Saint Martin in the crypt. Also pay attention to the walls which are decorated with many drawings and prayers.

#7. Musee des Beaux Arts

The Musée des Beaux Arts is located in the former bishop’s palace and dates from the 18th century. The building is worth a visit just because of its appearance. In the museum you will find a large collection of works of art by Rubens and Monet, among others. However, objects such as antique clocks and sculptures can also be admired here. The Musée des Beaux Arts has several rooms with works of art that you can view. The Roman statues are also very impressive and feature many details. If you visit the museum, take a walk through the extensive palace gardens and you will automatically end up at the ruins from the Gallo-Roman era. The Musée des Beaux Arts is located just outside the center of Tours.

#8. Marmoutier Abbey

Marmoutier Abbey is a Benedictine abbey with impressive architecture. It was founded way back in 500 by St. Leobard. Originally the monastery consisted of caves but later grew into an abbey with a lot of influence. During the restoration in 1847, Saint Martin was injured in the head and he dreamed of an angel who treated his wound with balm. He healed and later the balm was also used for the circle of Henry IV. Marmoutier Abbey is well preserved. You can visit both the inside and the outside of the church, where you can also regularly attend exhibitions. The Abbey of Marmoutier is located in the heart of the city.

#9. Museum of Natural History Tours

The Museum of Natural History in Tours has three floors but can still be considered a compact museum. Ideal for small children or if you do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time. The emphasis in this museum is on the different animal species we know and their history. Inside you can view numerous animal statues where you will receive the necessary explanation. There are also real animals in the museum. On the third floor you will find a library with interesting reference works. In addition, the Museum of Natural History in Tours regularly hosts exhibitions on various animal species and their habitat.

#10. Jardin des Prebendes d’Oé

The gardens of Prébendes d’Oé are quite old. They were designed and built in 1874 by the Buhler brothers. The gardens have both French and English influences and offer plenty of space for a nice walk or a relaxing picnic in the designated places. You can gain inspiration there, but you can also discover special plant species and view ponds. A visit to the Jardin des Prébendes d’Oé should certainly not be missing from the list of attractions for nature and garden lovers. Of course you can also take a guided tour where you learn everything about the flora and fauna in the gardens and how they came into being.

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