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Geysers, Fumaroles – Volcanic aftermath in Iceland

A geyser is a thermal spring spring that regularly hurls its water out. This phenomenon was named after the Great Geyser in Iceland. The geyser is a special type of thermal bath (hot spring), which is one of the volcanic aftermaths with the gas or steam emitting fumaroles, solfataras and mofets. All of these manifestations… Read more »

Largest Cities in Iceland

Facts about Iceland Official languages: Icelandic, English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian Capital: Reykjavík Area: 103,000 km² Population: 308,910 residents Population density: 3.00 residents per km² Currency: ISK Internet TLD: .is ISO codes: IS, ISL, 352 The telephone code for Iceland is +354 Flag of Iceland The flag of Iceland, modeled after the Scandinavian countries, consists… Read more »