Milk-Bone Pet Supplies and Dictionary

by | October 10, 2014


Brand facts: 

  • – Over the years, Milk-Bone was expanded to include different flavors, such as chicken and beef.
  • – Milk-Bone brand has helped bring dogs and people together for over one hundred years.

Milk-Bone Pet Supplies and Dictionary

Main Categories: 

Dog biscuit


Time and place: 1908,U.S.

Early products: dog biscuit

Headquarter Location: 

New York, U.S.

Price Range: 

USD 2.89 – USD 20.99

Worldwide Locations: 

Japan, US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, UK, France, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Russian Federation, Italy, Belgium, China, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, India, Thailand, etc.

Official Website: