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Santa Cruz and Potosi, Bolivia

Santa Cruz The Jesuit missions of SANTA CRUZ have been declared a cultural heritage of mankind by UNESCO. The city of Santa Cruz is located in the east of Bolivia. The city was founded on February 26, 1561 by Nuflo Chavez and named Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Located at an altitude of 437 m… Read more »

Sucre, Bolivia

Selection criteria Criterion (iv): The wealth of the heritage of the Historic Center of the Spanish city of Sucre (La Plata) is an intact and well-preserved illustration of the excellent mix of architecture made in Latin America through the assimilation of local traditions and styles imported from Europe. Integrity The property boundary includes all the… Read more »

Largest Cities in Bolivia

Facts about Bolivia Official languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara Capital: Sucre Area: 1,098,580 km² Population: 9.9 million residents Population density: 9.05 residents per km² Currency: BOB Internet TLD: .bo ISO codes: BO , BOL, 68 The calling code for Bolivia is +591 Flag of Bolivia The flag of Bolivia, whose official name is the Multinational State… Read more »